Situated on the Main South Road, adjoining Dunrobin, at the top of the rise from Riccarton (heading towards Allanton).

The first building here was errected in about 1850, on the crown of a ridge about 200 yards below the main road, close to the boundary line of the section that later became Laureston Farm. This house was one of the usual pioneering type, consisting of clay or sod walls, thatched roof, and earth floor.

In the summer months of 1853-54, Robert Murray, a carpenter from Tokomairiro built a more modern dwelling on the Main South Road, from the timber sawn by John Allan, jr., and his pit-mate Thomas Hastie (later a noted sheep shearer), in the Saddle Hill bush. An extension was added about 25 years later, using timber from Southland.

Bellfield was the headquarters of John and Agnes Allan's family until all the children had married and made homes for themselves.


Date Known

10 April 1891

Agnes Allan dies at Bellfield, East Taieri, New Zealand. Sources: 2