Edward Barnard & Sons

Also Known As


  • Whipham & Wright
  • Thomas & William Chawner
  • Chawner & Emes
  • Emes & Barnard


Date Known


Charles Wright amalgamates his silversmithing firm at Ave Maria Lane, London, England with that of a neighbouring goldsmith, Thomas Chawner and his son Henry Chawner. Edward Barnard, Thomas' apprentice, becomes foreman of the company. Sources: 1

10 January 1798

Chawner retires from his silversmithing firm at Amen Corner, Ave Maria Lane, London, England and his partner, John Emes, becomes owner. Edward Barnard is made the firm's manager. Sources: 3


John Emes, silversmith, dies and his wife Rebecca inherits his business at Amen Corner, Ave Maria Lane, London, England. She enters into a partnership with the manager, Edward Barnard and the firm begins to trade as Emes & Barnard. Sources: 3


Rebecca Emes withdraws from Emes & Barnard and Edward Barnard becomes proprietor together with his sons Edward, John and William, trading under the name Edward Barnard & Sons. Sources: 1