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Elisabeth and John Pratt lived for some years on Maryfield, a short road running from Edinburgh, Scotland in the direction of Leith with only a few houses on one side. The houses stood in nice gardens and she maintained a fine show of flowers in their own. One of John's grandchildren, Elizabeth, recalls that at any time she and her brothers visited the house with their Aunt Anna Gordon they always asked if they might visit the garden, while Anna chatted inside. This was always allowed on condition that they did not make a mess of themselves or the back yard where they drew water to water every inch of the garden - whether it needed it or not! They were not allowed to pick the flowers but never left without a nice bunch of cut flowers which were much appreciated as they at that time lived in gardenless town house.

Elisabeth later moved to Tayport; she had relations in Newport and Dundee and old friends in that neighbourhood. In the summer of 1863 her step-grand-daughter Elizabeth paid her a long visit. She very much enjoyed her stay with Elisabeth and later remembered her as being always a kind person.


Date Known

15 December 1845

Elisabeth Halley and John Pratt marry in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sources: 1

17 February 1886

Elisabeth Halley dies in Tayport, Scotland. Sources: 1

Date Unknown

Date Unknown

Elisabeth Halley is born to John Halley.