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Arthur succeeded his father, David James Blaikley, as factory manager of Boosey & Company from 1918. His interests seem to have been as much in machine tools as instruments: the plans and blueprints surviving in the Boosey & Hawkes archives contain designs for numerous pieces of equipment for drawing and forming tubing, etc. His most notable development, in the 1930s, was the hydraulic expansion process for forming bows and other shaped tubing. His initials are last noted on a technical drawing in 1950. In this period of slack trade, many fewer new kinds of instruments were introduced than had been the case with Boosey & Co.. However, two innovations introduced during this period were the Betty trombone and the Kneller Hall fanfare trumpet.


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Date Unknown

Arthur Blaikley is born to Rachel Barnard and David James Blaikley.

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Arthur Blaikley suceeds his father, David James Blaikley as factory manager of Boosey & Hawkes. Sources: 2