Sale of Taurima Farm, Taieri Plain


Otago Witness

Issue Date

29 April 1897


William Cutten






Messrs Wright, Stephenson, and Co. report having sold privately on account of Mr John Allan his far-famed farm known by the name of Taurima on the Taieri Plain, about two miles distant from Allanton railway station, on the southern trunk line, to Mr George Nichol, of Abbotsford station, at a very satisfactory price. Taurima contains about 481 acres of the most fertile alluvial land on a plain noted for its fertility; and, more than that, it has been carefully and skillfully farmed, being all in rotation cultivation. It can safely be said of Taurima that if it had been entered for competition for the best managed farm in Otago over 400 acres in area at the recent competitioni under the auspices of the Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association it would have been an easy first. Mr Nichol is to be congratulated upon the acquisition of so valuable a property, and Mr Allan upon having it in such splendid trim. The property is subdivided by district roads into four blocks, which are further subdivided into 14 fields by substantial fences. The homestead is centrally placed, and consists of - (a) superior dwelling house of nine rooms, scullery, bathroom, large dining room for the men and dairy attached; (b) men's dwelling house of six rooms, and a detatched four-roomed cottage; (c) stabling for 14 horses, byre for 23 cows, piggeries, barn 60 x 20, &c. The steading and dwelling house are surrounded by about six acres of well-grown shelter plantations, and a well-stocked garden and orchard in full bearing of about two acres.




Date Known

April 1897

John Allan sells Taurima Farm to George Nichol, of Abbotsford Station. Sources: 1