Shipping News




Otago Witness

Issue Date

12 March 1853


William Cutten






March 4, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, from Wellington. Passengers-Mr. and Mrs. Meridith, Mr. Filleul, Mr. Suisted, and 2 grooms.-F.V.Martin, agent.

6th, ship Royal Albert, 622 tons, Norris, master, from London. Passengers-Cabin: Mr., Mrs. and Miss Ogilvie, Mr. and Mrs. Natrass, Ann Natrass, Sarah Oxford, Fanny Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald, Joseph Lang, John Smith, George Hall, Agnes Hall, Miss Hall, Geo. D. Williams. Intermediate and Steerage-Mr. and Mrs. Aitken, Mr. and Mrs. Ayson, Miss Ayson, Ann, William, John, Alexander, Elizabeth, Robert, and Hugh Ayson, Mr. and Mrs. Henne and child, Thos. Bott, Thos. Botterill, James Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Couty, Emily and John Couty, Mrs. Crossman, Ann, George, and Samuel Crossman, John Couper, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon, Catherine, George, and Eliza Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, M. Dixon, Jas. Ayson, Jas. Ayson, senr., and Peter Ayson, Isaac Fawcett, William Farmer, John Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay, Ann and William Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. Levi, Eliza Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Jane Reid, Mr. and Mrs. James Reid, Catherine, James, and William Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Lewis F. Williams, James McCabe, Henry Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Sarah, Mary and Emma Stevens, Edward hall, William Aitken, William Watson, James Walker, Donald Sutherland, Thomas Corbett de Lacy, Alexander, James, and William Speid, Joseph Helburne, Mr. and Mrs. Bannatine, Mary Nichol, Mary, Jean, Helen, John, Agnes, and Eliza Speid, Mrs. Rutland, Julia Ann, Joshua, George, Dudley, and Henry Rutland, Elizabeth Sedcole, Christina McLeod, Mary Styles, Stephen Tucker, John Kennedy, Jas. Nicholas, George Crossman, Edward Stevens, and James Reid.-J. Macandrew and Co., agents.




Date Known

1 November 1852

The Royal Albert departs from London, England with Helen Webster Speid aboard. Sources: 2

6 March 1853

The passengers of the Royal Albert, including Helen Webster Speid, arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand. The ship itself is blocked from entering Otago Harbour, New Zealand by a sandbank that has formed unexpectedly across the harbour mouth. Sources: 2