Helen Webster Speid

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Helen emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland, aboard the Royal Albert, in 1853.


Date Known

28 November 1840

Helen Webster Speid is born to Agnes Lyall and Alexander Speid at Dunbeath Castle, Dunbeath, Scotland. Sources: 2

3 February 1841

Helen Webster Speid is christened in Berriedale, Scotland. Sources: 1

30 March 1851

Alexander Speid and his children (Margary, James, William, Helen, John, Agnes, Elizth and Jane) are living at Pennyland, Watten, Scotland. Sources: 1

1 November 1852

The Royal Albert departs from London, England with Helen Webster Speid aboard. Sources: 2

5 March 1853

The Royal Albert arrives at Otago Heads, New Zealand with Helen Webster Speid aboard. Sources: 1

6 March 1853

The passengers of the Royal Albert, including Helen Webster Speid, arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand. The ship itself is blocked from entering Otago Harbour, New Zealand by a sandbank that has formed unexpectedly across the harbour mouth. Sources: 2

April 1861

William Brown Allan and Helen Webster Speid marry. Sources: 2

October 1863

William Allan is born to William Brown Allan and Helen Webster Speid. Sources: 2