Date Known

December 1813

Michael Faraday ♂ travels with Humphrey Davy from Paris, France to tour Italy (and beyond).

June 1814

Humphrey Davy and Michael Faraday ♂ meet with fellow chemist Alessandro Volta in Milan, Italy.

30 January 1815

Michael Faraday ♂ attends a masquerade ball during Carnivale in Rome, Italy. Sources: 1

1 May 1929

S.S. Orford stops at Naples, Italy. Edward Allan Thomson ♂ stays aboard, still recovering from flu. Jane Thomson ♀ goes ashort to climbs Mount Vesuvious by electric train. β€œWe looked right down into the great old crater and in the middle of that was a small cone formed in the eruption of 1906. It was vomiting flame coloured smoke with explosions. There were spouts of steam and sulphur coming out from the sides of the crater.” Sources: 1

3 May 1929

At dawn, S.S. Orford passes Elba, Italy and Jane Shaw Blaikley ♀ can see Corsica, France on the other side. By 10pm they have reached Toulon, France. β€œAnchored outside harbour, very cold.” Sources: 1