Date Known

October 1813

Eminent chemist, Humphrey Davy travels to Paris, France with his assistant, Michael Faraday, to collect a medal awarded to Davy by Napoleon Bonaparte for his electro-chemical work.

December 1813

Michael Faraday travels with Humphrey Davy from Paris, France to tour Italy (and beyond).

26 October 1917

Albert Edward Howden arrives at camp in Étaples, France. Sources: 1

3 November 1917

Albert Edward Howden joins his battalion in Étaples, France. Sources: 1

5 April 1918

John Henry Thomson dies in France, Europe. Sources: 1

25 May 1918

Albert Edward Howden is admitted into a field hostpital in Étaples, France, sick. Sources: 1

31 May 1918

Albert Edward Howden rejoins his unit in the field at Étaples, France. Sources: 1

6 July 1918

Albert Edward Howden is detached from his unit and assigned to Divisional School. Sources: 1

20 July 1918

Albert Edward Howden rejoins his unit in the field at Étaples, France. Sources: 1

7 October 1925

One person dies and two more are severely scalded in an explosion in the stokehold of the S.S. Roman Star, off Ushant, France. Ordered by his employer, Blue Star Line, to attend to the ship at the earliest possible moment, Edward Allan Thomson charters a two-engined plane to fly from Croydon Air Port to Le Bourget for Paris and catches a night-train onward to Brest, where the ship has temporarily docked. Sources: 2

8 October 1925

On arriving in Brest first thing in the morning, Edward Allan Thomson heads immediately for the S.S. Roman Star, where he finds the crew in a state of alarm and much talk of bombs and detonators. Edward conducts an investigation for Blue Star Line but concludes that the explosion was caused by a mishap while salt balls were being cleaned from the furnaces. Sources: 1

9 October 1925

Edward Allan Thomson convinces the Port Authorities and crew that there is no evidence of bombs or detonators and the S.S. Roman Star departs from Brest, France. When the Pilot boards to guide them into Gravesend, he produces a copy of that morning's Daily Mail that confidently asserts that several men had been killed by bombs planted in the coal bunkers and that Detectives from Scotland Yard have met the vessel to investigate. However, the S.S. Roman Star arrives at Royal Albert Dock, London, England without further incident — or sign of the police. Sources: 1

3 May 1929

At dawn, S.S. Orford passes Elba, Italy and Jane Shaw Blaikley can see Corsica, France on the other side. By 10pm they have reached Toulon, France. “Anchored outside harbour, very cold.” Sources: 1