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George was born circa 1790. He was educated at Edinburgh University, where he was a favourite student of Sir John Leslie.

Although he started out as a land surveyor, his strong scientific bent soon led him to devote himself to the profession of a civil engineer and made a considerable local reputation. He was a constant contributor to the Transactions of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts and contributed the article on Furnaces to the eight edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and was elected president of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts for the session 1847-8.

George died of lung disease.


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At the invitation of the directors of the Edinburgh School of Arts, George Buchanan delivers a course of lectures on mechanical philosophy in the Freemasons' Hall, remarkable for the original and striking experiments. Sources: 1


George Buchanan publishes a "Report on the Theory and Application of Leslie's Photometer". Sources: 1


George Buchanan draws up a report on the South Esk estuary at Montrose, relating to a dispute concerning salmon fishing. Sources: 1


George Buchanan begins the work of errecting a huge chimney, nearly 400 feet high, for the Edinburgh Gasworks, carrying out an exhaustive series of experiments to assure its stability. Sources: 1


George Buchanan publishes a series of papers in the Courant newspaper upon pendulum experiments relating to the earth's rotation. Sources: 1

30 October 1852

George Buchanan dies. Sources: 1

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Date Unknown

George Buchanan is born to David Buchanan. Sources: 1