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Lizzie was a member of the East Taieri Presbyterian Church, a most attractive building on top of a hill and visible for miles around. There were stables and a yard close to the church and some farmers and their families came considerable distances in their buggies and wagonettes. While the men put up their horses the women and children gathered at the church entrance and invitations to dinner to those from a distance were made and accepted.

The Minister was the Rev. W. Will. There was no instrumental music and after the minister had read through the Psalm or Hymn to be sung, the Precentor sounded the note and the choir got off to a good start. After much discussion and shaking of heads a harmonium was installed. A distant relative of Lizzie's recalled her “pedalling away” at the harmonium, attired in a long skirt, drawn in tightly at the waist, a tight-fitting bodice with “shoulder of mutton” sleeves, hair plaited up into a bun, the whole crowned by a plain straw hat. He also remembered her as a “very nice person.”


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Elizabeth McKay is born to Janet Allan and Alexander McKay. Sources: 1