Bolivian Indian Mission


Farewell Social


Otago Daily Times

Issue Date

26 July 1919


Julius Vogel & William Cutten






A social gathering was held in the Choral Hall last night for the purpose of bidding farewell to Mrs George Allan, who is about to return to Bolivia, and her daughter, and to Miss Elder, who is going back to missionary work in Peru. The gathering was presided over by Mr A.H. Heycock. The proceedings were opened by prayer, reading of portions of Scripture, and the singing of hymns suitable for the occasion.

The Rev. W.F. Evans addressed the departing missionaries, remarking that it gave him special pleasure to take part in the farewell proceedings, because he had assisted at the farewell to Mrs Allan when she first went to Bolivia, a few years ago. He congratulated Miss Elder on her development in body and soul while carrying out her duties in South America. He believed that missionary work was the spring of divine life in the Church. It was work that would grow and would have important results, not only in Bolivia, but in other spheres of misisonary labour. He said that God had been with the departing missionaries through the years that had passed, and would be with them still.

Mrs Allan, in acknowledging the good wishes that had been expressed for the success of her efforts in Bolivia, said she went forth with joy because she realised she would be supported by the spirit of God. She gave interesting descriptions of some of the natives amongst whom she had laboured.

Miss Elder spoke of the great field for missionary labour that existed in Peru, and described the habits and customs of the Indians. She would go forth to her work in the future without fear, because she felt that in the past she had been guided by the spirit of God.

Miss Allan also spoke hopefully of the good that would result from missionary efforts in those parts to which she and her mother were going.

At the close of the addresses refreshments were handed round, and some time was spent in social intercourse.





Date Known

25 July 1919

A social gathering is held in Dunedin, New Zealand to mark the departure of Mary Ann Smail Stirling, her daughter Amelia and Miss Elder on missions on behalf of the Bolivian Indian Mission. Sources: 1