Mary Ann Smail Stirling

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A missionary. Mary co-founded the Bolivian Indian Mission (BIM), with her husband George Allan.


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22 April 1899

The Australasian South American Mission is formed, in Melbourne, Australia and sends out its first missionaries: George Allan, Mary Ann Smail Stirling, Ernest Heycock and Charles T.W. Wilson, to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sources: 4


Joseph Allan is born to George Allan and Mary Ann Smail Stirling. Sources: 3


George Allan and Mary Ann Smail Stirling, with their children Amelia and Joseph, move from Argentina to Cochabamba, Bolivia in order to carry out missionary work for Australasian South American Mission among Quechua people. Sources: 1

January 1905

With the support of the Australasian South American Mission, George and Mary Allan and Mrs Pulling, are based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, seeking to convert Quechua people to Christianity. Sources: 1


George Allan and Mary Ann Smail Stirling return to Dunedin, New Zealand, with their children Amelia and Joseph, following eight years in South America on a mission for the Australasian South American Mission. Sources: 1

25 July 1919

A social gathering is held in Dunedin, New Zealand to mark the departure of Mary Ann Smail Stirling, her daughter Amelia and Miss Elder on missions on behalf of the Bolivian Indian Mission. Sources: 1