Mr George Allan


Evening Star

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14 November 1941






Advice has been received in Dunedin of the death of October 26 at La Paz, Bolivia, of Mr George Allan, in his sixty-nineth year. The founder of the Bolivian Indian Mission, Mr Allan was the youngest son of Mr Joseph Allan, who came to Dunedin from Nelson in 1848. The Allans arrived in Nelson as early as 1842, and upon coming to Otago settled in the Taeiri, where the name to-day is recorded in Allanton. Mr George Allan was dedicated to the mission field at Puerua, in the Romahapa district, and left New Zealand with his wife in 1899 to open up a mission field in South America. At long intervals he returned to Dunedin on furlough, always retracing his steps to the steadily-growing mission field which to-day has a staff of over 60 workers. Mrs Allan died several years ago, and Mr Allan is survived by a daughter, Mrs M. Hudspeth, who is a member of the mission in Bolivia, and a son, Mr Joseph Allan, of Riverton. The deceased had four brothers, now deceased, three of whom were farming in various districts of New Zealand, while the other was a member of the well-known legal firm of Webb, Allan, and Walker.





Date Known


John Allen, his wife, Agnes Allan and their children Janet, James, Isabella, Joseph, John, Agnes and John move to Dunedin. Sources: 1


George Allan is born to Joseph Allan and Henrietta Sutcliffe. Sources: 3

22 April 1899

The Australasian South American Mission is formed, in Melbourne, Australia and sends out its first missionaries: George Allan, Mary Ann Smail Stirling, Ernest Heycock and Charles T.W. Wilson, to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sources: 4

26 October 1941

George Allan dies in La Paz, Bolivia. Sources: 2